Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Evocative and filled with a rare compassion, Forgive Yourself by new author Allie Sager blends supernatural dreamscapes with affairs of the heart and unforgivable betrayal. Smart and telling, the author enlists a stunning and heartfelt prose to weave one woman's reluctant love story. On the surface to the outside world, Sammy Logan might appear to be a woman who has it all, but the fact is she is married to a man who has never truly forgiven her for a past she had no control over. Haunted each day by the vivid secret, she turns to Conner Simpson, a man she has always loved--the man without question who makes her feel complete. Caught on the brink, confused, but certainly not alone, Sammy must first forgive herself, make peace with the dark demons of her past and her mystic ancestral visions before she can truly be free.

This is a book in which I have mixed emotions about. I did enjoy greatly reading this book, but while doing so I had many eye roll moments.

One eye roll reason and this is a “SPOILER ALERT” Do not Read any further if you do not want any of the book told to you…..

The main character Samantha “Sammy” Logan has a grandmother that contacts her and many other characters in the book from beyond the grave. But this does give the book a “Lovely Bones” type feel with the grandmother leading them all to the truths which is the title to….. FORGIVE THEMSELVES.

The second is some of the things Conner says to Sammy, but that maybe the point the author may want you to see how cheesy he is.

But on that note the sex scenes in the book between Connor and Sammy are “Harlequin Romance eat your freaking heart out” moments. That are very descriptive so if your soft hearted then this book is not up your alley, but for us other people it is worth the browse or two….. “wink, wink”!

Now to the serious stuff. This book is not very long, its only 195 pgs and is an easy read. Once in awhile the story line can get confusing such as when in Sammy’s and Conner’s final intimate moment in the hotel room and the interaction of drugs and others being there. But it all works out. Then when it comes to the more graphic subjects discussed in the this work like rape and abuse the author knows when to hold back. Which to me is the sign of a great artist in the works of literature. So this is a great book from a great new author!


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