Sunday, September 17, 2017


Did I enjoy this novel? Yes, very much. Is this novel for everyone? No. The reason I say this is not because the story is lacking in anyway because it is the exact opposite, the amount of content the author was able to fit into such few pages without the storyline feeling rushed, I feel shows how well written the story is and the skill level of the author. The author fully develops all characters, giving each a detailed backstory even characters as a reader you would see as secondary or filler character. Giving the reader a full look into the motivations of each character. I say that this novel may not be for everyone is the overall topic of the story and the events featured. The story is very graphic, in everyway you can possible think. For example, the details mentioned above are not exclusive to the character descriptions, but he also describes in full detail everything from conversations between Diana and Sayer to the murders and mutilations of the illegals and the fiends. So for those that are weak at heart, and stomach, or are easily upset or offended probably should not read this book.
I personally feel that the subjects brought up in this novel are controversial but brilliantly covered, this book is one that will make you as a reader think, since these events do happen in real life, and most are not covered on out evening news so if you are not one living it you may not even know it is happening, able to live happily in your little bubble, which this "bubble" is also discussed in this novel, which discusses the government covering it up to keep certain people happy in their "bubble". I also love how the author approaches human interaction, interaction between rich and poor, interaction between the public and the homeless, drug fiends, and so many other types.
This novel flows so well, the author puts such detail into events and conversations, but even with all the detail the flow never gets monotonous. Everything flow perfectly into the next thing, to the point you can be reading for what may only feel like a few minutes but you look down and you have read half the book. I will also say that this is a "Book One", so you are left with a somewhat cliffhanger. 5 out of 5 all the way, will definitely be checking out book two!


I really enjoyed this book, I loved how it combined the magic and fantasy of seen in books like Harry Potter with the blood, gore and battles seen in books like Game of Thrones. The overall premise of the book is a race war and young mage "Brimstone" that is the key to ending it. The characters in this book are highly developed, you get their fully backstory and learn what makes them act they way they do. The book is over 300 pages and it just book one in the saga, so even the smallest of characters you are given a little bit of a backstory on them so there is no filler characters each has a specific reason for being in the story. The setting is highly detailed as well and this is very important since the characters are pretty much always traveling.
If you are a fan of harry potter, but wanted something way more mature then you will like this novel, but I will say that some may not like this novel since it is VERY similar to harry potter, the first basic similarity is the group, Brimstone, Heat and Neutron.... which as you can see is three just like Harry, Ron and Hermione. Second, both go to magical school, in this book its Central, in Potter is Hogwarts. Third, Brimstone has to search for his fractured soul in order to become strong enough to defeat the order, and in Potter of course he has to locate the different horcrux to defeat the dark lord. But I will say the similarities do end pretty much there and that is because this story is a lot more mature than HP ever was since there is so much death in this book, and the deaths are very detailed and very gory. You have people stabbed in throats, peoples limbs being cut off, and oh you can forget the rotten corpses.
So even though this book is focused around young teens, like 13 years old, this book is probably not the best for kids of that age. But as an adult if you wanted a more mature harry potter then this is definitely the book for you.
The only real problem I had with the book, is that sometime the different characters and locations can get muddled and confusing of who is who since in the novel peoples name change as they take on new roles so it can be confusing to remember whose storyline you are reading about and the characters travel a lot and they often go to new places and then to places they have already been so the picture of the land gets confusing, so it would be awesome if the author had included a map at the beginning so you could tell the distances between places described in the characters travels. Time is another one that gets a bit confusing, since it is said to take weeks to get somewhere but then two pages later they are there, but the author will then use 10 pages to describe on day event, so dates would have been nice to.
So overall I would give this novel a solid 4 out of 5 stars, And I an definitely looking forward to reading the other novels in this series to see what becomes of Brimstone and all the other characters.


This is an action packed, sitting on the edge of your seat story from the first page to the last page. I will say this is definitely not a short book by no means but the author does an amazing job of structuring the story in a way that as a reader you do not notice the length or really even mind the length. Many stories will have its upbeat, fast paced parts but also have those parts that are slow and kind of unimportant to the storyline, I can say I did not find this happening in this story, all parts in the end are shown have a reason for being placed where they were.
I also loved how the author was able to switch between each character storyline with each new chapter without the reader having any confusion of whose storyline they were reading at that point, which I found as an issue with books that have as many different storylines as this one does.
The author does a great job also at making sure each character is complex with their own unique back story, which yes is one reason that the story is as long as it is. Yet I will say that even with the degree of detail, everything presented had a reason for being there and did not drag the story down at all, it just added to it.
The beginning I will also say and a few other parts throughout the story (especially the gore factor) reminded me a lot of Quinton Tarantino movies, and as speaking as a huge Tarantino fan this was a major major plus!
If I had to say anything negative about the book or anything I would change, first would be there were some words that I found misspelled, so maybe a little more carefulness in editing. Also, this book is a prime example of not judging a book by its cover. The cover currently is very plain and I feel for how much action is in this story it is to plain and maybe people would pass over it without ever actually trying to find out what the book is about. Need to be more attention grabbing, maybe even have more to actually do with the story itself.
So in conclusion, I highly highly highly recommend this book. 5 out of 5 stars all the way!

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Sexual Poetry: It’s Just – WOW! Is the first book in the set of three books of poetry about romance and sex. I actually read “Erotic Poetry”, which is book two in the series first, and I will say I am glad I did read that book first, reason is that I really did NOT enjoy that book I felt that it had very little if anything at all that was erotic. So I believe if I read this book first and then went to read the second I would have been highly disappointed, more so than I am now. This set of poems were much better and actually lived up to its title. Would I say it is “WOW” like the title? No…. but that is really for nit-picky reasons, such as I felt that the single male point of view in the poems after reading so many became monotonous and boring. I also feel like some of the poems themselves would start of great and have this amazing imagery but then would end with a cheesy one liner that would ruin it all. As well as the author’s use of slang terms for private parts and even the cuss words used took away from the poems themselves, some even made the poems feel humorous when they were supposed to be serious and libido inducing. In the “Erotic Poetry” book I actually commended the use of technology in that it made the poems feel more modern and helped a younger audience connect to the poems. In this book the author also used these technological items, for example he mentions a Samsung S3 specifically in one poem, but this time it did the exact opposite and again made the poem go from creative to cheesy in literally one word.

I will say though that the book is 155 pages which gives you around 70 or more poems and for the eBook copy it was only $3.99, so I do feel it is a good value for the amount of book you are getting. I also did find pretty much all of the poems to be entertaining and also pretty hot too. So to rate this book I would give it a good 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Erotic Poetry: Grab Romance by the Butt by Simply Mylovepoet

The word Erotic is defined as something “relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement”. The reason I feel it is important to start the review off with this definition is the fact that the title of this book is Erotic Poetry, so it should be poetry that arouses sexual desire and/or excitement, yet in the 60 or so poems that are in this novel none did this in my opinion. Some of the poems in the book do not even have anything to do with sex or romance; they speak of troubles and trials of the time. One poem is to me the exact opposite of erotic since it takes of a woman withholding sex from her partner and how he is suffering because of it…. How is that erotic? Just because it talks of sex does not make it erotic. The majority of the poems that are not talking of the times and trial are more romantic… ones that talk of fluttering hearts and kisses. The one poem in the book that I feel does actual capture the erotic theme is “Honeymoon Couple”.  Now, if we forget about the title of the book and let’s say there was no description other than this is a book of poems, and then I would say the poems are very well written, many have great rhythm that really elevates the meanings behind the words.  Which this adds to the book being an enjoyable read, the book is only around 123 pages so it can be read fairly fast, as well as the poems themselves are easily understandable which is nice. The poems also have a modern feel, some talk of current inventions like the internet, texts, e-mails, and chat rooms. This to me also adds to them being easily understandable and relatable to the modern generation and makes it unlike the insufferable books of poetry that we are made to read and dissect in school. Someone can read the poem and understand its meaning and point, but it also is open for further inspection if warranted. So in general I would say I give this book a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. The reason I give this novel this low of rating is for a few reason, first the price, this book is only as I said only around 123 pages and a book this small in e version cost $5.99 and to me that is a little steep for such a small book. Secondly, the falsehood of the title, because if you are someone that buys based on title and you are think you are about to get some poems to get you all hot and bother or to whisper in your significant others ear to get them in the mood, you will be very disappointed as I was. I give it two stars because the poems are not bad when they are looked at on their own and they are easily understood and read, and there could also be a miscommunication of what erotic means in American culture versus others parts of the world.


I will just start off by saying I really did enjoy this book, but just a heads up it is a young adult novel that is set in high school. So that is the target audience, but there is enough drama, action and comedy to keep the attention of those that are unfortunately no longer young adults, but at the same time it should not be held to the standards of adult mystery/horror writers.
The basic premise of this novel is like a combination of Revenge of the Nerds meets Case of the Body Snatchers, this is due to the fact that is set in high school around a group of freshmen misfits that are constantly being picked on by the “popular” kids, but when a group of spirits, that suck the life out of kids in the high school and sometimes even enter then in order to stay in existence, come into the school these misfits save the day. Most of the target age audience probably would not get these references so that is another part that does make it enjoyable for older audiences.      
Another part that I highly enjoyed was each of the characters themselves, each has his or her own unique personalities and quirks, but at the same time these quirks play off each other for some very funny moments.
One thing I would change about this book those was plot development. I really wished the author would have made it a bit more suspenseful by drawing out some of the more tense moments, it seems that so much was focused on the characters and the beginning that the ending felt a bit rushed, but other than that I feel this is a really great book.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Exiles: A Mystery In Paris by Lawrence J. Epstein

The basic premise of this story is about a young man named Daniel that is fresh out of the war, where he saw many horrible things that have forever changed him. After the war he decides to go to Paris to become a writer. Arriving with very little money he luckily meets and become friends with a book shop owner who gives him a job, money and a place to live. Also on his first day in Paris there is a murder of the owner of a local literary magazine, and from this you find out that Daniel is very perceptive and is pushed to solve the crime, but he does not want to because to do so would mean he has to face his worst memory.

When it comes to the story itself, I have to say it is one of the most beautifully written stories I have read in a while. The language is reminiscent to a beloved classic novel by a great author from our past. But just because a novel is beautifully written does it make it worth reading? Personally I find this novel to be just so-so, meaning the plot of the story is good, but the execution not so much. The author mentions how many people go to Paris to write because they know their way around words, but lack the skill to properly write a story, and many times I felt that this statement rang true for this story.  The author is very repetitive in the story, with Daniel complaining how he cannot write but does not want to do anything else. Those in the literary community around him try to tell him that he is not good enough to be a writer so he should work with his strengths and investigate the murder, but he does not want to do that he wants to write yet he cannot. Just round and a round and a round. Spoiler though…. He does end up investigating the murder.

The story is also very long, especially considering how little happens in it. So in conclusion, I like the language the author uses and the basic plot, but I wished it was shorter and had more meat to the plot itself and the fat of the repetitiveness cut out. So I would rate this a 2.5 or 3 out of 5.

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