Sunday, September 17, 2017


Did I enjoy this novel? Yes, very much. Is this novel for everyone? No. The reason I say this is not because the story is lacking in anyway because it is the exact opposite, the amount of content the author was able to fit into such few pages without the storyline feeling rushed, I feel shows how well written the story is and the skill level of the author. The author fully develops all characters, giving each a detailed backstory even characters as a reader you would see as secondary or filler character. Giving the reader a full look into the motivations of each character. I say that this novel may not be for everyone is the overall topic of the story and the events featured. The story is very graphic, in everyway you can possible think. For example, the details mentioned above are not exclusive to the character descriptions, but he also describes in full detail everything from conversations between Diana and Sayer to the murders and mutilations of the illegals and the fiends. So for those that are weak at heart, and stomach, or are easily upset or offended probably should not read this book.
I personally feel that the subjects brought up in this novel are controversial but brilliantly covered, this book is one that will make you as a reader think, since these events do happen in real life, and most are not covered on out evening news so if you are not one living it you may not even know it is happening, able to live happily in your little bubble, which this "bubble" is also discussed in this novel, which discusses the government covering it up to keep certain people happy in their "bubble". I also love how the author approaches human interaction, interaction between rich and poor, interaction between the public and the homeless, drug fiends, and so many other types.
This novel flows so well, the author puts such detail into events and conversations, but even with all the detail the flow never gets monotonous. Everything flow perfectly into the next thing, to the point you can be reading for what may only feel like a few minutes but you look down and you have read half the book. I will also say that this is a "Book One", so you are left with a somewhat cliffhanger. 5 out of 5 all the way, will definitely be checking out book two!


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