Sunday, September 17, 2017


This is an action packed, sitting on the edge of your seat story from the first page to the last page. I will say this is definitely not a short book by no means but the author does an amazing job of structuring the story in a way that as a reader you do not notice the length or really even mind the length. Many stories will have its upbeat, fast paced parts but also have those parts that are slow and kind of unimportant to the storyline, I can say I did not find this happening in this story, all parts in the end are shown have a reason for being placed where they were.
I also loved how the author was able to switch between each character storyline with each new chapter without the reader having any confusion of whose storyline they were reading at that point, which I found as an issue with books that have as many different storylines as this one does.
The author does a great job also at making sure each character is complex with their own unique back story, which yes is one reason that the story is as long as it is. Yet I will say that even with the degree of detail, everything presented had a reason for being there and did not drag the story down at all, it just added to it.
The beginning I will also say and a few other parts throughout the story (especially the gore factor) reminded me a lot of Quinton Tarantino movies, and as speaking as a huge Tarantino fan this was a major major plus!
If I had to say anything negative about the book or anything I would change, first would be there were some words that I found misspelled, so maybe a little more carefulness in editing. Also, this book is a prime example of not judging a book by its cover. The cover currently is very plain and I feel for how much action is in this story it is to plain and maybe people would pass over it without ever actually trying to find out what the book is about. Need to be more attention grabbing, maybe even have more to actually do with the story itself.
So in conclusion, I highly highly highly recommend this book. 5 out of 5 stars all the way!


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