Saturday, May 20, 2017


Sexual Poetry: It’s Just – WOW! Is the first book in the set of three books of poetry about romance and sex. I actually read “Erotic Poetry”, which is book two in the series first, and I will say I am glad I did read that book first, reason is that I really did NOT enjoy that book I felt that it had very little if anything at all that was erotic. So I believe if I read this book first and then went to read the second I would have been highly disappointed, more so than I am now. This set of poems were much better and actually lived up to its title. Would I say it is “WOW” like the title? No…. but that is really for nit-picky reasons, such as I felt that the single male point of view in the poems after reading so many became monotonous and boring. I also feel like some of the poems themselves would start of great and have this amazing imagery but then would end with a cheesy one liner that would ruin it all. As well as the author’s use of slang terms for private parts and even the cuss words used took away from the poems themselves, some even made the poems feel humorous when they were supposed to be serious and libido inducing. In the “Erotic Poetry” book I actually commended the use of technology in that it made the poems feel more modern and helped a younger audience connect to the poems. In this book the author also used these technological items, for example he mentions a Samsung S3 specifically in one poem, but this time it did the exact opposite and again made the poem go from creative to cheesy in literally one word.

I will say though that the book is 155 pages which gives you around 70 or more poems and for the eBook copy it was only $3.99, so I do feel it is a good value for the amount of book you are getting. I also did find pretty much all of the poems to be entertaining and also pretty hot too. So to rate this book I would give it a good 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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