Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Coleman Haynes: The Tale of Truckee Episode 1

“If you had ever wished Harry Potter had a huge set of balls, shaded his way through Hogwarts and was sent in 1860’s wild wet California, this then is the book for you.”
After reading this first line of the book description I was like, yes this must be the book for me because that sounds awesome…. But please do not be fool this book is nothing like Harry Potter, there is no magic, no wizards nothing truly that ties this book in any way to the Harry Potter series. After saying that was I disappointed with this book? Nope, not at all, well I guess since it didn’t have to do with Harry Potter, but really this is an awesome book. I will say this book is not for the faint at heart since it is a very raw book. The language is abrasive, and there is a lot of death, and I mean A LOT OF DEATH! The deaths and mutilations are very graphic so for those bother by this might want to avoid this book because its everywhere in this book, also women in this book are treated like second class citizens, which is true to this time period, but they are also beaten and raped so if this is a trigger for you too this also avoid. There are also some slivers of homophobia in the book too, but again it is appropriate for the time period the book is set in.
I know this review doesn’t sound like I am giving this book high marks or that it is even that good with all the death, gore, and raping and such, but really I enjoyed the read. It was fast paced, and it kept me on my toes guessing the whole freaking time, literally the whole book! Every time I felt that I had it figured out they would kill another character and bam I’m back wondering. Characters you would feel would never be killed or you felt were vital to the storyline ….. BAM DEAD.
Also have to commend the author, he did an amazing job at the descriptions, I felt like I was in Truckee California with all the characters, the scenery, the actions and even the deaths were all described so fantastically.
So in Conclusion, this book is not for everyone no, some will be bothered by the language, the treatment of women and foreigners, the deaths and/or mutilations, but if you keep an open mind that this is set in the 1860s when these people were actually treated like this and just read the story for the story itself you will find you really love it. So I personally give it 5 out of 5. Also this is book 1 so there will be more, meaning that not all questions are answered in this novel, and you are left with a small cliffhanger.


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