Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm 50/50 on this book. I was a pretty good romance with very interesting twists, BUT one reason I am 50/50 is that many of the "twist" you could see coming which takes away from the story since they are also typical twist you see in many soap opera drama/romances.

**** SPOILER ALERT *****

To go more into detail of why I feel or what I see as being typical read further.

#1 - the ending where she get knocked up, like really, come on lets get more unique, and also with the pregnancy it automatically fixes all?!?! I am sorry if a man did the things Luke did to Fizz and her family, as well as called her basically a whore to her face it would take A LOT for me to get over it WAY more than getting knocked up. Plus after he called her all those names she still slept with him? I mean yes it can happen, but most women would not they would still be hurting from someone they fell in love with calling them the most horrible things.

#2 - the predictablity like this girl who strangely looks just like FiZZ's sister just happens to OMG be there half sister, Shocking.... NOT. especially since the author through Fizz mentions on a few occassions how Edward, Fizz's father, had his escapades. And I am sorry Luke/Melanie thing I knew light years before it was revealed that they were not lovers but family.

Now for more positive things!

I like the begining soooooo much! I love that the author waited to tell us exactly how Fizz had her heart broken, you knew it was bad (really it wasn't that bad I would have made it more juicy - it was basic cheating issue but i did forgive it since the author does address it in the end of why she did that way) since Fizz shyed away from all men not letting anyone in again.

I also loved the discriptions of the electricity sparking between them when they touched.

i also like that Luke's millions were not used a ploy, meaning like in many books about millionaire/billionaires the man throws his money at the woman, spoiling her which sorry with 50 shades and all its spawns has gotten quite old. This time he is throwing money at her but she throws it back! it was nice!

*** one thing that really doesn't give or take from the book that I personally would have like is more chapters from Luke's point of view to see actually how much he was sufferring after Fizz, told him she would not be with him or would ever forgive him, he really just ran away (which in the end I did agree with the sister when she said if he really did care/want her he would have stayed and not went away) and a chapter from his point of view as to why would have made it easier to digest the whole she gets knocked up so that equates instant forgiveness for all his actions and words.


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