Friday, January 27, 2017

The Lord of Desire

The Lord of Desire

By: L.L. Rideau


Before starting this book there is one very important factor the reader must take into consideration, and that this book is a prequel to a new series by the author entitled “Breaking a Cycle”. This is important since the book is very short, only 95 pages, which makes it extremely hard to get proper character and story development, but since it is only a prequel or more like an introduction to the characters we will learn more about in upcoming full length novels and to provide some background information, it makes it easier to understand the length. The story itself is an enjoyable read, that gives a big build to a climax and resolution that I would say are not as grand as the buildup. The story is your “harlequin romance” type romance novel, which means it has the “perfect happily ever after” ending where the main character, Massey gets her man and maybe a new addition to the family. So in that aspect the novel is predictable, but for an easy read like this it can be nice. 

                The novel is categorized as an erotic novel, so the next question would be on how does it holds up in that aspect. There are some spicy sex scenes, but very few, the sex scenes do not make an appearance until the book itself its over 60 percent complete, which is a letdown. As well as they are not overly graphic in detail, this is an aspect that again mirrors things typical of harlequin novels. So would I recommend this book? For someone looking for an easy, quick romance to read yes, but if you are someone that really wants to get caught up in the romance and characters, then no , I would just wait for the novels that this is a prequel for to come out.


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