Monday, January 19, 2009

I couldn't resist this challenge!

I normally don't like to commit myself to challenges just for the fact that I feel like a failure if I don't complete them. Yes, call me a pessimist, but that's just the way I am. When I saw this challenge, however, there was no way I couldn't sign up. J. Kaye's 2009 Young Adult Book Challenge was just up my alley. As you all know, I'm a teen fiction addict and spend a lot of my time reading these books just because they're A:) fun and B:) easy reads. I feel there is no way I could possibly mess this one up.
If you'd like to join, just go to the link posted above and sign up. You don't have to have a book blog to join. Here are the rules:
1. Anyone can join. You don't need a blog to participate.
2. Read 12 Young Adult novels. No need to list your books in advance. You may select books as you go. Even if you list them now, you can change the list if needed.
3. Challenge begins January thru December, 2009.
4. You can join anytime between now and December 31, 2009.
Easy enough, eh?
Here is my preliminary list. Since I change my mind extremely often, I figure this list will change several times over the year.
1. Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen
2. That Summer by Sarah Dessen
3. The Host by Stephenie Meyer
4. Killer by Sarah Shepard (Released July 2009)
5. The Clique by Lisi Harrison
6. Crank by Ellen Hopkins
7. Paper Towns by John Green
8. Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares
9. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
10. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
11. Pretties by Scott Westerfeld
12. Airhead by Meg Cabot


Anonymous said...

Wanted to stop in and welcome you to this challenge. If you haven't already, feel free to join us at the Yahoo Groups where others are participating in this challenge as well as others.

Also, the links to post your reviews are up in the right sidebar at J. Kaye’s Book Blog.

MssJos said...

I am a YA addict too! Nice to know there are others! Please let me know what you think of the Sarah Dessen books, I have just heard about her from a friend and am thinking of purchasing several of her books. I hope you like Speak, I am a huge LHA fan! Happy reading!

Nymeth said...

That's a great list! Lots of authors I've been meaning to get to as well.

blondy365 said...

AWWW you picked some Ellen Hopkins! she is awesome! That book is great, my fave is Burned, and Identical is great too. I hope you do get to this one!!!

Jessica said...

It's been awhile since this post - did you move? Well, anyway :) I subscribe to your blog, and I nominated you for a Lemonade Award. You can go to my blog to find out more. In the meantime, I hope to see posts from you again soon!!

Fiona Robyn said...

Hello – I’m a British author and a fellow member of Bookblogs, and I wanted to invite you (and your readers) to participate in my Blogsplash – there’s more information at Thanks for listening!

blondy365 said...

so You haven't updated since jan... did you meet the challange?

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