Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Last Surgeon By: Michael Palmer Review

The Last Surgeon is a psychological thriller full of murder and political deceit set in the back drop of Washington D.C. where loss connects two individuals.
Everyone told Jillian Coates that her sister’s suicide was just that; a suicide.
Everyone told Dr. Garrity that his best friend, Lieutenant Umberto Vasquez, had simply disappeared, battling the demons of post-traumatic stress disorder.
Jillian doesn’t believe it. Nick doesn’t believe it. And, soon, they discover a chilling connection between these two seemingly random events….. A common denominator that will lead a killer to the next victim….. And the last surgeon.

The prologue just grabs your attention making you beg to read more. Begging you to know what happened to the girl. Why did he want to kill her.
Then the book starts, and it starts slow it takes more than half the book to build up to some real action. With this building it makes you start to think and wonder who is behind all of this. Wondering could this some kind of military cover up. Not until the end does the truth come out. You are always wondering until the very end. This I applaud the author for keeping the reader, me, guessing.
The murders are highly thought out and I really like how Koller, the hired assassin explains everything he has done, and will do. It helps really get in touch with the killings. They are never simple like most murder mysteries where some one is shot, stabbed, or choked. These have to be really understood. Yet as the killer runs out of time his killings so become sloppier like those would if this was really happening.
The ending is a little ordinary with the hero winning and the bad guys dying or going to jail. I really wish that Conklin, CIA chief who basically puts the bad guy, Ramsland, away had come up more than just at the end or there had been some other connection in the book, because it was kind of unbelievable. On that same not of critisms I do find the love story between the two main characters to be way to predictable!

Overall, I would truly recommend this book to any thriller reader.


****Also to those fans of Mr. Palmer we have a special treat!! He has agreed to give away one autographed copy of his latest book “The Last Surgeon”…. To enter to get this book all you have to do is leave a comment about the review and I will pick one of the entries on New Year’s Day!! In your comment just leave me feedback on whether you though this review helped you wan to read the book or not and your e-mail address so I can get your address to send the book!


Anonymous said...

The review of the book sounds intriguing with all the twists and turns of many a psychological thrillers. Adding to the mix the back drop of our nation's capital, which by most accounts, is a place shrouded in mystery and secrecy, and you have a recipe for a gripping read.

Can't wait for the availability of this one.

Unit KJ.

blondy365 said...

The winner obviously is Unit KJ!

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