Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is the second book by the little known author, and I can tell why. This book is a very easy read, but the “deceit” and action do not live up to the title. For me it was like reading Mary Higgins Clark mixed with a Harlequin romance novel.

The plot of books is…… Peter Brock is a man to be envied. He is young, handsome, intelligent, a founding partner of one of New York's most prestigious law firms, and a respected member of the International Community of Currency Traders. But, that isn't enough to fulfill his goal in life. When he meets James Campbell , a very wealthy New York diamond dealer who would like to keep more of his wealth out of the hands of the IRS, Peter starts weaving a web of deceit to divert the bulk of Campbell's wealth to his own account. But, he needs a little help. He enlists Delilah, a strip-club dancer, to learn, through pillow talk, the extent of Campbell's wealth; and Jenny, a flight attendant for a major airline, to smuggle loose diamonds to Europe on international flights. As a coconspirator, how can Campbell yell "foul," at the risk of spending his remaining days in a Federal prison? The perfect Plan-so Peter thinks.

Unfortunately, his law partner, Jack Morrison, gets wind of the Plan and decides to toss in his ante. Now the game gets interesting-a case of diamond cut diamond. When two people wind up dead, Jack says "enough," leaving Peter hopelessly entangled in his web. As Jack says: "That's what happens when little fish try to swim with the predators."

In the synopsis above it says that the game gets interesting once two people wind up dead, well this is partially true, it does add an MUCH needed twist to the story. But the last person to die in the story if the author had wrote more about that than Peter’s love affairs with all the different women. The book might have been better. The book also ends with a “…to be continued” seriously I asked myself why! We know who killed everyone, but one person and in a few extra pages you could have told the readers and saved the effort of writing the second half. Oh and the book has a prologue that really had no point, the only time anything from the prologue is brought up is in it Peter picks up a rock and takes it with him. Well towards the end of the book Peter takes out the rock again. You find out as well that Peter is an immigrant that his family and he moved to the United States from Poland, and you figure that the scene in the prologue was him saying goodbye to Poland and that was his one little token to take with him, yet this is NEVER said or addressed its just what I believe.

This is the first book I have read by this author so I can not tell you that this is just her style, but I highly hope not. Yet if you don’t have high hopes for mystery and people screwing over each other and you want a easy read then this would be for you cause truly the typing is large and its only 259 pages it really is an easy read.


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