Monday, March 29, 2010


On the northwest side of Chicago, Ruby has a perfect life. Her family feeds her everyday, they are home with her all the time, and they allow her to patrol the backyard. What more could a dog ask for? But when Ruby meets Ortis the blue bunny, all of this changes. In order to help Ortis return to his home in The Six Realms, Ruby must jump into the family's pool with the rabbit. Ruby never expected anything to happen. But when the water started swirling and pulled her under, there was nothing the little dog could do. Now Ruby is in Rocia, one of the Six Realms underneath the earth. This new land is fraught with dangers at every corner, from hideous Crites to the ball-like Ozzixites. But something else has been silently pulling strings from inside the Diamond Dust Desert. An evil, older than the world itself, has begun its plans. The fate of the Six Realms and Ruby's home in the world above is at stake. Now, Ruby must brave these strange new lands to save everything she holds dear.

This is the first book by this author and I got to say he did a really good job for his first book. This is a highly creative subject for someone to come up with, its got blue bunnies, talking dogs, and rock men. Yet it is too short. The book is only 187 pages, I know that doesn’t sound so little, but I could see this book spanning over at least 2 or 3 more books. He needs to be more descriptive really intrigue the readers into this fantasy world. It does get a tad boring and tedious in the middle as they are just camping out and walking trying to get to the rock man’s home. The ending is good, but it also again leave me hanging because it is happy in that Ruby does get home and back to her family, but she never gets to say goodbye to the blue bunny or the rock man. Ruby does think if this as she gets back. Is this the author leaving it open for a sequel or is it him leaving me to finish the book on our own?!?!?

The connection the readers get, or I did, with Ruby shows how well this is written. The one thing though that confuses me is who this book is geared towards. Since it is about a dog that goes to another realm of the earth with a blue bunny, yet some of the battle scenes are pretty gruesome.

Overall, I would recommend this to people who enjoy Harry Potterish type books since it has many similarities, yet I will say that it is not the next Harry Potter.


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