Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love being stalked by my husband's exes! :)

Ever since I've started Book and Cranny AND my other personal site (which, to all my loyal fans/stalkers is now blocked), I've ran Google Analytics on my blogs. If you're unfamiliar with how Analytics works, it works by telling a website owner (in this case, me) every little detail about every visitor visiting my blogs. It's used as a tool to webmasters that allow them to better advertise their site. I can tell where a vistor is viewing my blog from down to the exact city they're in, how many times they view my page, for how long, and exactly how they found my site (what keywords, search engine, etc.).

I've never really used it for any purpose other than what it was intended for, but lately I went on to my Google Analytics page and viewed the statistics for both my personal and my Book and Cranny site to see what kind of traffic I've been getting. I was very surprised by what I saw! Apparently my husband's exes are avid readers of both of my blogs!! How special am I?? This is a screen shot of my best friend Google Analytics:

This is only the statistics for my personal blog, but there are views on this blog as well. You see how Google Analytics is a big 'ole tattletail? Poor unsuspecting site stalkers just don't know how bad ole Analytics is telling on them. Bless their hearts! Now I'm blushing from the flattery. :)


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