Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight movie disappoints..

I went to see the Twilight movie on Friday at 10pm. Boyfriend, Sister, and I all battled the crowd of teenage girls in order to see this flick the day it was released. I wish I would have waited. After I returned home, I checked my inbox and saw that I had a PM from a fellow BookCrosser. Here is our exchange; it will describe perfectly how I felt right after viewing this movie.
*Please excuse any grammatical errors. I wrote this reply in a blind fury.
Bookcrosser: I started a thread in Chit-Chat asking who was going to see Twilight this weekend, and so far, only the ones who wanted to wait for the DVD or who wouldn't be caught dead watching it responded! I was wondering where all the other Twilighters were when I took a look at your blog. My friend and I are going to see it Sunday. Please let me know what you thought.
Me: Funny that you wrote to me. I just got out of the theater and I must say I was SO disappointed. The acting was terrible and they rushed a lot of the important aspects of the movie (even the evolution of Edward and Bella's love). They spent way too much time on unnecessary stuff like the students in the school and her relationship with her father, but rushed all the information regarding Edward and the Cullens. My boyfriend hadn't read the books and I had to explain so much to him after we left the movie because they rushed through it and didn't spend anytime explaining. I would tell anyone to just wait and watch it when it's released on DVD, although I know that if you're as big of a Twilight fan as I am, you'll go see it in the theaters anyway just to see for yourself. Just know that you will leave thinking that they should have casted the whole movie all over. The only people in the movie that could act were the people that played Bella, Charlie, Billy, and Rosalie. Since it's still so fresh on my mind I just can't explain how devastated I am by the movie. I'm in such shock. I would think since the books had such a cult following they would have put more effort into making a better film.
I think that pretty much sums it up for me. I realize that when you make a movie based on a novel, that there are things you must cut out. I totally understand that, but my disappointment wasn't just about that. The acting was horrible and they didn't explain much about the Cullens at all. I'm just sad and frustrated about it. This movie could have been much better and could have rivalled Harry Potter, but now it's just going to be another movie that no one remembers 10 years from now.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree.... the time constraints were awful.
Cut the volleyball scene, cut Eric, cut the "Deli."
Where did the time go?
I wanted to feel and see the building of a relationship...instead we got stupid faces and rushed scenes.
I'm disappointed as well.

Ashley said...


It's nice to know I'm not the only one that feels this way. sister felt the same way about the movie (and she's a die hard fan as well). It was just bad all around.

Jeska said...

I haven't seen the movie (planning on renting), but lately I have just expected to be disappointed by movies made from beloved books. You can see Hollywood destroying what you love, and its heartbreaking. Too bad Twilight had to fit this mold as well.

Maggie said...

yeah we were disappointed too. it was pretty cheesy. :(

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