Monday, October 27, 2008

Long, Lean, and Lethal by Heather Graham

I bought this novel along with several others at a garage sale during the read-a-thon, and didn't really think it would be my kind of read. I frequently buy books with hopes that they will be a nice change of pace for me, and if they aren't then I can bookcross them. This one was pretty enjoyable, and it was definitely a quick read (this one was read in about 2 days).

Heather Graham is new to me and while she may be a bestseller, I had never really heard of her. Just by judging the cover I thought this one was going to be a cheesy romance novel (the hot pink cover with a man on it kind of got me), but it just reiterated the fact that you can't judge a book by its cover. Far from a cheesy romance, this novel was a who-did-it thriller that held my attention to the last page.

Jennifer Connolly, a soap opera actress, has much to fear. Her mother has received notes from an anonymous person threatening to kill her daughter. Two other Hollywood actresses are murdered and it's suspected that the killer could be someone close to her. Conar, her stepbrother and love interest in the book, has promised Jennifer's mother that he will protect her, but he can only do so much. Jennifer even has suspicion that Conar may be the killer, but out of all her acquaintances, who is it really?

I'm not a huge fan of mystery/thrillers, and I don't read a lot of them so for me to enjoy this book is saying a lot. I'm not sure if it is because I'm craving easy reads lately, or just because this novel was actually pretty good. Read it and find out for yourself. I will warn you though, it is a good book but with a cheesy ending. I found myself rolling my eyes at the end, and I'm sure you will too. Don't let that discourage you from reading though. Most books of this kind end in the exact same way, whether we like it or not.


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